Coronavirus (COVID-19) - Overview of COVID-19 by Jade North
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Hey mob, Jade North here. Former Socceroo, Olympian, and now the Indigenous ambassador for GIVIT.

Just want to make sure that you’re doing you’re part in the community, trying to help stop this spread of coronavirus.

If you’re feeling sick or unwell, please contact your local medical centre or medical services, and then they will take you through your next steps.

We can all play our part by washing our hands thoroughly for 20 seconds or more with soap, keeping up our social distancing, and staying inside.

This is a sickness that can be spread from person to person very very easily, so that’s something that we have to keep in mind.

If you want to know more about this COVID-19 coronavirus, you can go to, or our hashtag #keepourmobsafe.

And one other thing. In our community it’s going to be the elderly and people with underlying health conditions that are going to be mostly affected.

So please, keep an eye out, stay safe, and we’ll get through this together. Thank you.

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Jade North is a former Socceroo, Olympian, and the Indigenous ambassador for GIVIT. Listen to his advice on how to keep your mob safe from the coronavirus.