Mitchel Beggs-Mowczan
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Hey you mob,

We all know what is going on in the world at the moment with the global pandemic of COVID-19.

It’s important to understand that the virus is not gone.

There are 3 basic steps that you can do to protect you and your mob.

These include:

  • washing your hands thoroughly and regularly
  • staying 1.5 metres apart, which is roughly 2 big steps
  • and to download the COVIDSafe app

If you or your mob feel sick, it’s really important that you go get tested at either your local clinic or local GP surgery.

Stay safe you mob!

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It’s important to understand that the coronavirus is not gone. Mitchell Beggs-Mowczan tells you about the 3 basic steps you can do to keep your mob safe.

These include:

1. washing your hands as often as possible
2. keeping your distance where you can (two big steps)
3. downloading the COVIDSafe app

And importantly, if you’re feeling sick, stay at home and get tested.