LaVerne Bellear
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Hi, my name is LaVerne Bellear from the Aboriginal Medical Service in Redfern.

This message is about keeping our community safe.

It’s not an easy time having to spend holidays away from your loved ones.

However, to keep you safe and our community, I call upon your continued good will to stay at home.

Don’t attempt public gatherings, especially where there are more than two people, or where people are not from the same household.

For our Elders especially, please limit your visitors, and there should be no more than two people at a time.

Think twice about visiting friends and family, whether it be in the next suburb or the next town, as there are new laws that will be enforced.

Only go out when you need to. If you are getting your shopping delivered, please remember to keep 1.5 metres away, or at least two arm lengths.

The AMS are thankful for your support and your patience during the COVID-19 pandemic, as you have had to endure many changes during the last few weeks.

And you are to be applauded. So a big thank you from team Redfern. I am proud our mob are listening.

Keep your distance, wash your hands, stay home, and stay safe. Thank you.

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LaVerne Bellear is the Chief of Staff of the Aboriginal Medical Service in Redfern. Listen to her advice on how to keep your mob safe from the coronavirus.