Dr Dannielle Dries
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Niina marni.

This is a huge shout-out to all our mob who are still working through these uncertain times.

We’re facing huge challenges, both professionally and personally.

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander health care workers are at the forefront, and we want you to know that the work you’re doing is highly valued, and we thank you for it.

It’s also important to us that you stay safe in the work that you’re doing.

So make sure that you’re donning and importantly doffing your PPE correctly, that you’re following the procedures and the protocols around suspected or potential coronavirus patients at work.

And also looking after your wellbeing, making sure that your spirit is well.

So eating well, sleeping well, making sure that you stay connected.

So connect with your peers, connect with your Elders.

Our membership organisations are running yarning circles that you can connect to.

We’re all in this together, and we all need to stay safe together, and strong together.

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Dr Danielle Dries is a member of the Australian Indigenous Doctors' Association (AIDA), and offers some advice for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander health care workers on how to stay safe and healthy during the coronavirus outbreak.