Support at Home Program Overview

Published in January 2022 this paper provided an overview of the proposed design of the new Support at Home Program at that time. The Government is now returning to the timeframe put forward by the Royal Commission to deliver a reformed and improved in-home aged care program by 1 July 2024.


Support at Home Program Overview

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Feedback from older Australians and service providers on this proposal indicated that the model was too inflexible for the needs of older Australians.

People told us that they need a greater ability to adjust services when their circumstances change. A number of service providers also raised concerns the proposed funding model could have unintended consequences, particularly for group-based aged care services, like community transport and social support.

The department will use the extra time now available to work with older Australians, their families and carers, workers, advocates and providers to ensure reforms achieve a better in-home aged care system. Details of further consultation will be added to the Support at Home Consultation Calendar.


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