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မ့ၢ်တၢ်ကထၢဖှိၣ် COVID-19 ဘဲထွါတၢ်တခါလၢတၢ်မၤ ကွၢ်သးအဂီၢ်လၢကစၢ်ဒၣ်၀ဲဒ်လဲၣ် (How to self-collect a COVID-19 swab)

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Publication date: 
7 July 2020
Last updated: 
19 October 2020
Publication type: 
Fact sheet
Intended audience: 
General public
Karen - ကညီကျိၥ်

This guide, in Karen, shows you how to use a swab to collect a respiratory sample from your throat and nose for testing. You should only self-collect a sample if you are asked to by a doctor, testing clinic or collection centre.

The Public Health Laboratory Network (PHLN) has prepared this guide to help you.