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တၢ်အံၤသ့ဘၣ်၀ဲဒၣ်လၢတၢ်ကမၤန့ၢ်တၢ်တုၤဟံၣ်တုၤဃီအတၢ်ကဟုကယာ်န့ၣ်လီၤ (It’s ok to have home care)

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Publication date: 
15 May 2020
Last updated: 
21 August 2020
Publication type: 
Fact sheet
Intended audience: 
General public
Karen - ကညီကျိၥ်

This information sheet includes:

  • တၢ်ဟ့ၣ်ကူၣ်ဆူညါ
  •  ဒီသဒၢလီၤနသးဒီးခိၣ်ရိနၣ်ဘဲရၢးစ်န့ၣ်တက့ၢ်
  • ကွၢ်ထွဲလီၤနတၢ်အိၣ်ဆူၣ်အိၣ်ချ့တက့ၢ်