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Coronavirus contact app COVIDSafe FAQs

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Publication date: 
25 April 2020
Last updated: 
29 April 2020
Publication type: 
Fact Sheet
Intended audience: 
General public

This document answers the following questions about the COVIDSafe app

  • Why does Australia need a contact app?
  • What will the app do?

  • Why should I use the contact app?

  • Do I have to use the contact app?

  • How will the contact app work?

  • If a user receives a close contact notification, will they be advised who the contact was?

  • Who is a “close contact” for notification purposes?

  • How does the app know a “close contact” has occurred?

  • Why does the app only notify close contacts in the last 21 days?

  • Is there a risk that people may report false positives?

  • What information is captured by the contact app?

  • Can the app be used to track a user or contact?

  • Why does the app ask for your mobile phone number?

  • Can a user or health official view the information stored on the phone including the contact log?

  • How will the information be stored?

  • How does this new app relate to the Australian Government Coronavirus App and WhatsApp service?

  • How does the contact app relate to other contact apps that have been released?

  • How is my privacy going to be protected?

  • Will legislation be required for the app to operate, or for individuals’ privacy to be protected?

  • What information is being collected and what is not being collected?

  • What consequences are there if a person using the app tests positive for COVID-19 but then refuses to provide consent to upload their data?

  • Technical aspects