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COVID-19 vaccination – မ့ၢ်သးပှၢ်တၢ်ကွၢ်ထွဲကဟုကယာ်အလီၢ်အပှၤမၤတၢ်ဖိတဖၣ်မၤန့ၢ် COVID-19 အကသံၣ်ဆဲးဒီသဒၢတၢ်ဆါသ့လၢကျဲဒ်လဲၣ်. (How workers in residential aged care can get a COVID-19 vaccination)

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Publication date: 
10 May 2021
Last updated: 
18 August 2021
Publication type: 
Fact sheet
Intended audience: 
Health sector
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