Symptoms of COVID-19 - fever, cough, sore throat, shortness of breath


COVID-19: 确诊病例密切接触者须知 (Coronavirus: information for close contacts of a confirmed case)

This information sheet is also available in English, Farsi and Korean.

More information about coronavirus (COVID-19) — what it is, how it spreads, who is most at risk, and what you can do to help stop it spreading — can be found in our fact sheet, What you need to know (您需要了解什么).

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Publication date: 
8 March 2020
Last updated: 
26 March 2020
Publication type: 
Fact Sheet
Intended audience: 
General public
Chinese, Simplified - 简体中文

This information sheet includes:

  • 居家隔离是指什么?
  • 什么是冠状病毒和COVID-19?
  • 该病如何传染?
  • 感染多久后能够将病毒传染他人?
  • 哪些人患重病的风险最大?
  • 发病了该怎么办?
  • 如何治疗?
  • 如何协助预防冠状病毒病的传播?
  • 应不应该戴口罩?
  • 更多信息