COVID-19 – emergency funding for Commonwealth Home Support Programme (CHSP) providers


COVID-19 – emergency funding for CHSP providers

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Publication date: 
17 August 2020
Last updated: 
27 July 2021
Publication type: 
Fact sheet
Intended audience: 
Health sector

This fact sheet includes:

  • What emergency funding is available to CHSP meals providers?
  • What emergency funding is available to CHSP providers who deliver other service types?
  • What will CHSP providers not be funded for?
  • What can service providers use the emergency funding for?
  • Why does the CHSP emergency COVID-19 meals funding agreement contain an output target? 
  • Do the flexibility provisions apply to the emergency COVID-19 ad hoc and meals funding? 
  • How should you report your service delivery outputs during the COVID-19 pandemic? 
  • What happens if CHSP service providers are not able to spend their CHSP - Emergency support for COVID-19 funding by September 2020?
  • Where can CHSP service providers find more information?