Coronavirus (COVID-19) – Social – Symptoms of COVID-19 (Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people)

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Know the symptoms of COVID-19

#COVID19 symptoms often look the same as cold or flu symptoms. Keep an eye out for a headache, runny nose, sore throat, or a fever.

If you feel unwell, you should get tested for COVID-19. Even if you have a negative test result, if you can, try to stay home until you feel better and your symptoms are gone.

Find out where you can get a COVID-19 test near you at [insert state/territory health website] or grab a rapid antigen test (RAT) from your local pharmacy, supermarket, or order one online.

I have COVID-19 and feel really sick. When should I call 000?

Many people with #COVID19 experience mild symptoms and can look after themselves at home.

If you’re worried about your #symptoms, you can:

It can be hard to know when you should #call000. But if you are having trouble breathing, have chest pain or feel faint, you should call 000 straight away, or go to the hospital.

How do I know if I have long COVID?

#COVID19 can cause some people to experience long term-health problems after getting infected. This is called long COVID. It causes people to feel unwell for many weeks, or months, even after they no longer have the virus. Some symptoms of long COVID include:

  • extreme tiredness
  • coughing
  • breathlessness
  • problems with memory and concentration.

There is evidence that COVID-19 vaccines will help reduce the chance of you experiencing long COVID. Keeping up to date with your COVID-19 vaccines will help protect you from #longCOVID.

If you tested positive for COVID-19 more than a few weeks ago, and you’re still feeling unwell, have a yarn with your healthcare worker.

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