AGPT Program Policies 2020

This overarching policy sets out the principles that underpin the other 2020 AGPT Program policies. It also provides information on Medicare provider numbers and summarises the key changes made to each of the individual policies.


AGPT Program Policies 2020

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Health sector

This policy gives important information to medical registrars training under the AGPT about how the program works. It outlines:

  • the overarching principles of the program policies
  • the objectives of the policies
  • 2020 AGPT Program policies
  • changes made from previous policies
  • changes to the policies before 2022
  • options for registrar support
  • flexibility in the policies
  • dual fellowship registrar policy applications
  • accepted supporting documents and evidence
  • Medicare provider numbers 
  • compliance and monitoring
  • roles and responsibilities

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