Aged care treatment for influenza

This fact sheet contains information on Oseltamivir (Tamifu®).


Aged care treatment for influenza

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1. Refer to CDNA Guidelines for planning for outbreaks of influenza in your facility.

As part of your outbreak planning for flu:

Prepare your service and residents before respiratory symptoms appear

  • Ensure treatment options and pathways are clearly considered and recorded as part of your outbreak management plan
  • Obtain and record consent from your residents for receiving treatment for influenza – Tamifu (oseltamivir phosphate)
  • Confrm a prescribing pathway to ensure treatment can occur rapidly once symptoms are detected
  • Make sure your Tamifu stocks are adequate – for restocks, contact your usual pharmacy suppliers
  • Store your Tamifu securely, in a cool, dry place away from sunlight and as per guidelines

2. Monitor and assess your residents for respiratory symptoms

Refer to CDNA Guidelines for influenza symptoms and Appendix 7 flowchart on initial outbreak response

  • Monitor your residents for respiratory symptoms
  • When symptoms occur, contact medical practitioner to undertake an assessment in line with your agreed prescribing pathway
  • Medical practitioner assesses suspected influenza cases, decides testing and treatment plans
  • Obtain and record consent for those not already consented for treatment
  • Contact your public health authority for advice on: Infection control and prevention, outbreak management and testing regime

3. Treat and monitor for influenza

  • Clinical assessment of respiratory symptoms

Contact medical practitioner to undertake assessment.

  • Suspected influenza – prescribe Tamiflu within 48 hours

Medical practitioner decides testing and treatment plans as per individual preferences.

Contact your public health authority for advice on infection control, prevention and outbreak management.

  • Arrange testing

Undertake Rapid Antigen Testing (RAT) to confirm or exclude a COVID-19 diagnosis.

A negative RAT is not needed to prescribe Tamiflu, nor is a laboratory-confirmed influenza result.

  • Monitor and maintain continuity of care

Monitor for fluid intake, drug interactions and side effects in resident ie gastrointestinal, especially if receiving multiple medications.

Continue to facilitate access to primary care, including telehealth.

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