Corporate Plan 2018–2019

Reshaping Australian sport

We are building a healthier, more active nation

We are aiming for Australia to be the world’s most active sporting nation, known for its integrity, sporting success and world leading sports industry.

This initiative aligns to department outcome 3 in the Health Portfolio Budget Statements

Our aim

  • To get more Australians more active, more often.
  • To drive sporting excellence and success – national pride, inspiration and motivation through international sporting success.
  • Safeguard the integrity of sport, through leading effective national and international collaboration to combat integrity threats.
  • Strengthen the sports industry, including coordinating Australia’s hosting of major sporting events. 
  • Reduce the incidence of water and snow-related injury and deaths in Australia.
  • Increase physical activity and participation, and improve attitudes towards gender equality in sport. 

Our challenges

  • As a nation, Australians are moving less than ever.
  • Sustaining and improving Australia’s performance on the international stage.
  • Sports venues are under-utilised due to poor lighting, disrepair or inadequate facilities such as female change rooms and toilets.

Our work to achieve this initiative

  • Support the delivery of Sport 2030, Australia’s first national sport plan.
  • Increasing participation in physical activity through promotion and better access to quality facilities.  
  • Continue to support the hosting of major sporting events in consultation with state and territory governments and sports and physical activity organisations. 
  • Provide funding to key water and snow safety organisations to conduct activities in accordance with an approved activity plan. 
  • Review and renew the Australian Sports Diplomacy Strategy.
  • Develop a comprehensive Government response to the Review of Australia’s Sports Integrity Arrangements, and implement agreed recommendations.
  • Support national sport organisations and state and territory partners through a range of sports integrity initiatives. 
  • Support effective and targeted engagement with international stakeholders across all sports integrity threats.

Our role and that of our partners

  • We are supported across government to grow participation in sport and active recreation.
  • The Australian Sports Anti-Doping Authority contributes to the protection of the health of athletes and the integrity of sport.
  • Sport Australia – previously known as the Australian Sports Commission – works with the department to increase participation in sport.

Management of identified risks 

Key risks

Without increased opportunities for, and promotion of, sport and physical activity across the community, particularly for children, chronic disease risk will continue to increase.

Management strategies

We will drive sport and physical activity participation for all Australians and promote all Australian children having the skills, confidence and motivation to be active for life and safe in the water. We will reduce barriers to sport and physical activity participation, including swimming, and actively promote incentives for participation.

Measuring our performance against key measures

Performance measures

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