We are committed to delivering the Government’s major health reforms under the 10 year health plan based on key pillars and supported by major initiatives including:

  • guaranteeing Medicare and improving access to medicines;
  • supporting our hospitals;
  • prioritising mental health and preventive health; 
  • reshaping Australian sport;
  • life-saving and job creating medical research;
  • ageing and aged care; and
  • a stronger rural health strategy. 

We are committed to working in partnership with stakeholders to develop, implement and oversee policies and programs that are coherent, connected and evidence-based.

We are committed to learning from, and sharing our experience and expertise, with partners in Australia and around the world, and improving health in the region and globally.

We are committed to be a high performance organisation focussed on improving workforce capability across the department to provide high quality advice and deliver key reforms and priorities.

We are committed to an inclusive, collaborative workplace.

Last updated: 
30 August 2019