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Corporate Plan 2018-2019

Our capability

We have the right capability to be a high performance organisation.

We have the right capability to be a high performance organisation. 

More than 4,000 people work at the Department of Health in locations around Australia. Our people and our partnerships with health, aged care and sport stakeholders are central to the delivery of our objectives and achievement of our purpose.

The department’s People Strategy 2016–20 articulates our strategy to enhance the performance of individuals, teams and the organisation as a whole. We will continue to invest in building a high performance organisation that:

  • delivers the Government’s agenda and strategic priorities;
  • provides trusted, evidence-based policy advice; and
  • aligns and maintains organisational functions, performance and capability to meet current and emerging priorities.

Our capability improvement agenda will focus on the key areas outlined below.

Leadership and management

We continue to foster leadership capability at all levels and build the skills of our managers to ensure we have a capable, agile and productive workforce. 

Implementation and delivery

The department has focussed on strengthening our organisational strategy and future direction.  We will continue to focus on investing in our staff and developing capability to better align resources to deliver priorities and meet service expectations.


The department has a contemporary governance framework that is client focused, professional and cost-effective. 

We partner with state and territory governments to govern the broader health system including through our role in the Council of Australian Governments Health Council, the Australian Health Ministers’ Advisory Council (AHMAC) and AHMACs principal committees.

Strategic policy advice

The department provides high level, long-term strategic advice that delivers on the Government’s agenda. We operate in a constantly evolving domestic and global health landscape. We approach the development of policy and advice holistically, work effectively in partnership with our stakeholders, understand our challenges, and identify opportunities for lasting change that improves health outcomes.

Stakeholder engagement and collaboration

The department continues to strengthen its stakeholder engagement and collaboration. We understand the vital importance of shared responsibility and ongoing collaboration with our stakeholders in working together to continually improve our health system. We invest in methods to improve and support effective stakeholder engagement, including equipping our staff with the right skills and tools. 

Workforce diversity and inclusiveness

We continue to invest in attracting, developing and retaining a diverse workforce. We value the range of views and approaches diversity brings to the workplace. We are committed to being inclusive, culturally aware, and responsive to the needs of individuals in our policies and practices. 

Enabling functions

The Corporate Operations Group is the department’s enabling and support team, providing professional, collaborative corporate services that include financial and people management, legal, assurance, communication, parliamentary and information technology support and services.

Last updated: 
20 November 2018

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