Protecting our Elders and community from coronavirus.


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As the outbreak of coronavirus continues it’s important that we support our Elders and older people in our community.

We know this virus can be dangerous for everyone, especially for older people and people with an existing health condition like diabetes, a bad heart and kidney conditions.

While keeping away from other is very important to stop the spread, being physically isolated doesn’t mean you can’t yarn. It’s important that we stay in contact and keep our culture strong.

Help Elders, Aunties and Uncles to use technology, so they communicate online. Set up times to regularly connect.

You could also cook them a meal and leave it at their front door. Or offer to run errands for them like getting groceries or medicines so they can stay at home.

Drop a note in their mailbox or chat over the fence. We all need to protect our Elders and community.

Together we can keep our mob safe and stop the spread.

Information is changing regularly. Stay up to date via, visit or call the Coronavirus Helpline at 1800 020 080.

Date published: 
2 May 2020
General public

This community service announcement explains how Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples can help to look after Elders and older people to protect their communities and prevent the spread of coronavirus.