Coronavirus (COVID-19) - Radio - how the virus spread

This radio ad highlights how easily COVID-19 can spread. Together lets be COVIDSafe.


My mum’s critically ill in hospital. It all happened so quickly.

I caught up with her at home a few weeks ago but I didn’t know I had COVID. I had no symptoms.

A week before, I had dinner with some mates. Tom said he just had a cold.

Five days earlier he worked a café shift with Sophie – who said she just had a sniffle.

We all had COVID and unknowingly spread it.

We can’t change that. But we can all change what we do in the future.

Be COVIDSafe and save lives.

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Authorised by the Australian Government, Canberra. 

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It is important to continue COVIDSafe practices in day to day life. Listen to this radio ad to learn how quickly COVID-19 can spread. 

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