Residential aged care residents COVID-19 vaccination rates

The residential aged care residents COVID-19 vaccination rates provide data by facility across Australia.

This map is no longer being updated and was last refreshed in July 2023.

We publish a weekly report on COVID-19 outbreaks in Australian residential aged care facilities. The report includes a range of data on: 

  • impacted services
  • staff and resident cases
  • workforce
  • vaccine rollout
  • testing and PPE.

High-level data about Australia’s broader COVID-19 vaccination rollout program is also published monthly by us.

About the data

This historic interactive map and downloadable table provide COVID-19 third and fourth dose vaccination rates of aged care residents by facility across Australia.

The map displays data from the Australian Immunisation Register. 

The information provided is based on residents’ immunisation records from the Australian Immunisation Register. As such it does not account for residents who are unwilling or clinically unsuitable to receive a COVID-19 vaccine.

To protect the personal information of individuals:

  • a facility's resident vaccination rate is displayed within a range (for example 90–100%)
  • a band's width is based on the number of residents at that residential aged care facility
  • larger percentage bands are used when reporting vaccination rates for residential aged care facilities with 20 or less residents
  • data for facilities with fewer than 5 residents are not included.

The information is compliant with privacy laws and policies relevant to the electronic publishing of health data.


Residential aged care residents COVID-19 vaccination rates

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