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What the Medical Costs Finder is

The Medical Costs Finder is an online tool. It lets you find out more about the cost of specialist medical services. 

It covers common services in and out of hospital that patients want to know more about. We will continue to add more services over time.

The tool’s results are based on the most recent publicly available Government data about what people have paid for medical services.

How the Medical Costs Finder helps you

You can use the tool to:

  • see how much people have paid out of pocket for a medical service
  • compare the costs estimated by your specialists and other health providers for a service with the typical costs for the same service

This helps you better understand what is typically paid and whether your likely out of pocket costs are high or low, compared with what others have paid for the same service.

You will also see the Medicare and any private health insurance payments, which could affect the out of pocket costs you may pay.

Future upgrades to the Medical Costs Finder will include the costs of individual specialists who tell us their fees for common medical services.

Using the Medical Costs Finder

Select the Start Now button to begin using the tool.

Follow the instructions on each page to step through the tool and see what a procedure typically costs.

For best results we recommend using the latest version of your web browser.

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More support for making financial decisions

Learn more about out of pocket costs and when you might have to pay them.

See our practical tips for exploring your medical cost options.

Ask your specialist these questions about their experience, skills and qualifications when weighing up whether a higher cost offers good value.

Find out more about informed financial consent.  You can also read the Australian Medical Association’s guide on informed financial consent for doctors and patients.

If you’re a referring doctor, learn what you can do to support your patients through the referral process.


See the Medical Costs Finder disclaimer and details about data used in the tool.