Support to prevent COVID-19 outbreaks in residential aged care

The VACRC prevention team can help Victorian residential aged care facilities (RACFs) prepare for a COVID-19 outbreak. Find out what help is available and how to access it.

The VACRC will cease operations as of 30 September 2022.
Please note: 
Some information referring to current definitions of outbreaks and exposures may be out of date after the 30 September cessation date.

VACRC prevention preparedness

The VACRC Prevention Team will support the aged care sector prepare for and reduce risk of future outbreaks of communicable respiratory disease until 30 September 2022.    

The Prevention team provides:  

  • information and education on infection control and prevention knowledge and skills 

  • communication and engagement with key stakeholders 

The Prevention team delivers:  

Waste Management – Clinical Waste (Victoria)

Victoria has seen significant changes in waste generation associated with the pandemic.

For assistance contact

Read the guidelines for disposal of COVID-19-related waste.

Monitoring safety and quality of aged care services

The Aged Care Quality and Safety Commission monitors safety and quality in aged care services. A review audit is an onsite assessment of the quality of care and services provided to aged care residents by an accredited server. Audits are undertaken with or without notice to the service provider.

The Commission undertakes a review audit when:

  • it considers that the approved provider may not be meeting the Quality Standards in relation to the service; or
  • the Commissioner becomes aware of a change in circumstances for the approved provider.

You can make a formal complaint or raise concerns by contacting the Commission’s free Complaints Resolution Service or by calling 1800 951 822.

Reporting exposures and outbreaks

For assistance with reporting through My Aged Care provider portal please refer to Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) the fact sheet and user guide

Access to RATs  

The Australian Government is providing Rapid Antigen Test (RAT) kits to all residential aged care facilities.  

Your allocated weekly RATs will be delivered without you needing to place a request. 

To get your kits, we assume you will test:  

  • staff – daily 

  • residents – twice a week  

  • visitors 

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