Value in Prescribing Program

The Value in Prescribing (ViP) Program funds resources, tools and interventions. These support specialist health professionals and patients in using immunoglobulin products and alternatives to biological disease-modifying anti-rheumatic drugs (bDMARDs).

The Value in Prescribing Program funds educational resources, tools and interventions to support specialist health professionals and their patients with the prescribing and use of:

Why it is important


bDMARDs are a complex and high-cost class of medicine used to manage chronic diseases like rheumatoid arthritis, inflammatory bowel disease and chronic dermatological conditions.

The bDMARDs program supports best-practice bDMARDs prescribing, dispensing and use in Australia. This will ensure the best possible health and economic outcomes from investment in these therapies.

Immunoglobulin products

Immunoglobulin products provide critical therapy, including for people with immunodeficiencies and immune type neurological conditions. But with demand growing and limited supply, these products must be used appropriately.

This program increases specialist knowledge and promotes appropriate use of these resources.

This will make sure patients receive the best possible care, while keeping our immunoglobulin supply viable and sustainable.


The bDMARDs stream aims to:

  • support best-practice bDMARDs prescribing by increasing the knowledge of specialists and pharmacists about alternate treatments, Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme (PBS) restrictions, and price points
  • give patients access to better information to manage their health issues, and get better health outcomes
  • make the prescribing and dispensing of bDMARDs subsidised under the PBS more efficient.

The immunoglobulin products stream aims to:

  • increase knowledge among medical professionals about the clinical effectiveness and cost of immunoglobulin products
  • ensure specialist health professionals prescribe immunoglobulin products when most appropriate, with the correct dose, frequency and duration
  • improve the care of patients who need  immunoglobulin products.

Who we work with

For bDMARDs NPS MedicineWise works with: 

For immunoglobulin products NPS MedicineWise works with:


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