Program information for service providers

Transition care provides short-term care for older people to help them recover after a hospital stay. Learn more about service providers and program guidelines.

Who can become a service provider

You can apply to become a transition care service provider by contacting your state or territory government health department.

State and territory governments are responsible for:

  • day to day management of the programme
  • delivering transition care to program recipients
  • choosing the best way to meet local service needs and individual care needs.

What service providers do

Service providers deliver restorative care to recipients for up to 12 weeks of their allocated care period.

Extensions to Transition Care

Service providers can request an extension of up to 42 days through the My Aged Care Portal. Providers must make this request with the care recipient or their representative in the first 12 weeks of transition care. Only one extension may be granted per transition care episode.


Providers must deliver services in line with the transition care programme guidelines.

The guidelines explain:

  • how services are provided
  • the responsibilities of service providers
  • the aged care principles that govern the program.

Transition Care Programme Guidelines

These guidelines are for state and territory governments (as the approved providers of transition care) and service providers. The guidelines explain how services should be provided, the responsibilities of approved providers and the aged care principles that govern the program.

Breaks from care

Recipients are entitled to 7 breaks days during their transition care period. Break days can be taken individually or consecutively.

Break days count towards the total care period and are included in any recipient contribution fees.

Recipients can use breaks for hospital admissions or social purposes.

Recipients cannot use breaks for respite care or to extend the length of the care period.

For more information about breaks from transition care, see:

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