Reporting participant information to the National Cancer Screening Register

Find out what's involved in reporting participant information to the National Cancer Screening Register.

Reporting to the register

As a health professional you play a key role in reporting data to the National Cancer Screening Register.

Information you provide about participants and their results is used to make sure that:

  • participants with positive results move through the appropriate screening pathway
  • health professionals give appropriate clinical advice and offer the right services, treatment and care.

Changes to payments for information

Payments for submitting information to the register ended on 31 December 2020. 

The register has introduced a health care provider portal for providers, integrated with selected clinical management software. 

The portal removes the need for health care providers and specialists to complete and submit paper-based forms about participants who’ve had a positive) result. If you are unable to use the portal, the forms are available from the link below. 


You can submit participant information to the register using these forms. You can submit by downloading the PDF versions, completing the form and sending by fax or post.

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