Changes to the cosmetic surgery industry

Find out what we’re doing to make cosmetic surgery safer in Australia.

Changes to the industry

The Australian Government is working with state and territory governments to build stronger protections and improve patient safety for people undergoing cosmetic surgery in Australia. 

Health Ministers have agreed to urgent reforms to protect the public. They are ensuring medical practitioners providing cosmetic procedures are qualified and work to the highest health and safety standards. 

Health Ministers have agreed to: 

  • prevent medical practitioners without the appropriate qualifications using the title “surgeon”
  • develop an ‘Area of Practice’ endorsement to set skills and qualifications for medical practitioners performing complex cosmetic procedures
  • review licencing standards for facilities where cosmetic procedures occur
  • supporting a legislative ban on medical practitioners using patient testimonials for cosmetic procedures, including on social media.

Additionally, Health Ministers have tasked the Medical Board of Australia (MBA), the Australian Medical Council (AMC) and the Australian Commission on Safety and Quality in Health Care (ACSQHC) with reform projects. 

More information will be available as reforms progress.

Read the Health Ministers’ Meeting – Communique 24 February 2023

Read the Health Minister’s Meeting – Communique 14 December 2022.

Read the Health Minister's Meeting – Statement on cosmetic surgery 2 September 2022.


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