Consumer experience interviews

The experiences of older Australians residing in aged care give vital insight into the quality of services they receive. We have reinstated consumer experience interviews (CEIs) which places older Australians at the centre of care.

About consumer experience interviews (CEIs)

The Australian Government has reinstated the CEIs which were formally undertaken and published by the Aged Care Quality and Safety Commission (Commission).

We engaged IQVIA in a consortium with Access Care Network Australia and Health Consult to conduct the interviews. For the 2022 CEI round, interviews commenced in April and will conclude in October 2022.

Interviews are being scheduled across approximately 2700 commonwealth funded residential aged care homes with around 20% of older Australian residents. Interviewees include residents from vulnerable communities, diverse cultures and those with special needs to best represent the voice of those receiving residential aged care.

The interviews will use a simple set of questions intended to understand the lived experience of older Australian residents. The Commission developed the questions, with the help of La Trobe University’s Lincoln Centre for Research on Ageing.

The IQVIA consortium, in partnership with us, will:

  • interview around 20% older Australian residents
  • ensure the representative groups of residents are culturally diverse and include residents with special needs, as defined by the Aged Care Act 1997
  • protect older Australian residents’ identities in smaller organisations through larger sample size
  • consult representatives of the older Australian residents in special cases, while still prioritising the resident’s voice.

Read more information about the interview process and the consortium.

Maintaining Privacy

We takes the privacy of residents very seriously. Resident information is being protected through a process of de-identification. Before the scheduled visit, Access Care Network Australia will receive the de-identified list from the department. This list is randomised to make sure every older Australian resident has a similar chance to participate and be represented.

About consumer experience reports

The findings from the CEIs will be detailed in a Consumer Experience Report (CER) which will be provided to the participating aged care homes. CER’s will show an aggregated response for each question based on the interview results.

This will give the aged care homes useful data to identify areas for improvement and further increase the quality of care they provide.

You can see examples of previous reports on the Aged Care Quality Commission’s website.

See the results

We will publish the results of CEIs on My Aged Care as part of the Star Ratings for residential aged care program.

They will help older Australians and their families to make more informed and confident decisions about aged care services.


  • May 2022 – Recording of the  CEI Information Webinar conducted by IQVIA is now available. The webinar covered the purpose of CEIs, interview methodology, resident involvement and how we will protect their privacy.
  • August 2022 Recording of the CEI webinar. The webinar was an opportunity for Providers to learn more about the Star Rating System and how the CEIs feed into them. This webinar also covered the purpose of the CEIs, the methodology and the importance of participating.
  • October 2022 – the 2022 round of interviews will be completed. The results will inform CERs.
  • December 2022 – CER reports inform Star Ratings for residential aged care providers.
  • 2023 – the 2023 round of CEIs will be undertaken with an estimated 20% of older Australians in aged care homes.



Aged Care Consumer Experience Reporting

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