Choose a training region for the Australian General Practice Training (AGPT) Program

If you apply for the AGPT Program, you need to choose your preferred region(s) to undertake your training and meet the training location obligations.

Choose a region

You need to choose one or more regions where you wish to train as part of your AGPT application. This is regardless of which college you choose for your training.

Given the variety of experiences and opportunities each region has to offer, your preferred college can help you select which region(s) best meet your career goals.

For more information on training regions from each college see:

Learn about meeting your training location obligations.

Incentives for regional training

You can get financial incentives if you train for a minimum period in a regional, rural or remote area.


  • are higher in more remote areas
  • rise according to the number of Medicare Benefits Schedule services you provide.

Find out more about the Workforce Incentive Program.

Transferring between training regions

You are encouraged to commit to a region for the length of your training. This helps you build a connection with the local community.

Rural generalists can transfer to do their skills training, if needed.

Transfers may be considered for specific circumstances, such as to address career, training or education needs.

If you need to transfer, talk to your college and read more in our transfer policy.

If you’re ready to apply for a place in the AGPT, see what steps you need to take.

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