Don’t Make Smokes Your Story 45 second radio – Anindilyakwa

Don’t Make Smokes Your Story 45 second radio in Anindiliyaakwa.


45 second Radio Script  (in English)

SFX: Track plays in background

VO: Over the years, I’ve had my battles with smokes.

SFX: Hospital breathing pump

VO: My lungs got pretty bad, sometimes I could hardly breathe.

VO: I’m not sure why I smoked; I just did.

SFX: Kids playing

VO: I wanted to be there for my kids, so I quit. I’ve quit before; I just kept trying. I get to see their smiles everyday.

VO: Mum and the Aunties are pretty happy too. They didn’t want me to die from smokes like Dad did.

SFX: Family chatting and laughing

VO: My name is Ted, and family is my story.

VO: Don’t make smokes your story. For help download the My Quitbuddy app, call the Quitline, or visit quitnow.

ANNCR: Authorised by the Australian Government, Canberra. Spoken by F. Leone

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