Stem cell research to tackle blindness and congenital heart disease in kids

The Australian Government will invest $3 million under the Medical Research Future Fund to advance stem cell research projects for kids.

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Stem Cells Australia will receive $3 million for projects to tackle congenital heart disease and genetic defects that cause blindness in kids. 

One project is searching for treatments for genetic causes of blindness, aiming to save the sight of children with this condition. Another aims to repair and reconstruct tissues for kids with heart defects. 

This cutting edge science offers new ways to repair parts of the body through stem cell therapy. It has now advanced to the stage where it can be used to develop and test the effectiveness of new therapies and medicines.

Minister Hunt announced the funding under the Medical Research Future Fund at the Murdoch Children’s Research Institute on 31 July. He met Harry Feller and Yve Rumble who hope to benefit from the research.

Read more about the funding announcement in the media release

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