Statement from Deputy Chief Medical Officer about COVID-19

Statement from the Deputy Chief Medical Officer, Dr Nick Coatsworth about coronavirus (COVID-19).

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The Australian Government’s communications response to the COVID-19 pandemic is entering a new phase, as governments are gradually easing restrictions around public gatherings, how businesses can operate and regional travel.

They can do this because Australia has been very successful at flattening the curve. Thanks to the efforts of all Australians, we are in a position that’s the envy of many countries.

The current number of new cases in Australia each day is very low.

As we start to ease restrictions, it’s important that all Australians stay COVIDSafe. COVID-19 has not disappeared and we need to ensure all Australians know how to protect themselves and others.

No-one wants to see a second wave of infections.

The Australian Government has rolled out new advertisements to ensure all Australians know the simple things they can do to stay COVIDSafe.

The advertisements remind people to take three steps to help create a COVIDSafe community when away from home. They are to practise physical distancing, good hygiene and use the COVIDSafe app.

Importantly, it stresses the need for people to stay at home if they have any cold or flu symptoms – no matter how mild – and get tested for COVID-19.

Over the coming weeks, you will see these messages in a variety of ways. This includes TV, radio, and digital advertising.

I urge all Australians to join the almost six million people who have already downloaded and registered on the COVIDSafe app. It is an important part of our defence, already being used by states health workers to quickly find people exposed to the virus, giving us the confidence to know COVID-19 is not silently spreading through our community.

The achievement and commitment of Australians in helping to fight COVID-19 and to flatten the coronavirus curve have been magnificent.  We can all be proud. But our work is not finished.

We are winning – but we have not yet won. We need everyone to stay focused on the things we need to do to protect ourselves and others as we find our ‘new normal’.  

Do the three and stay COVID free.

Advertising starts today and will run over the next month.


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