Date published: 
9 September 2020
Media event date: 
8 September 2020
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Media release
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Data current at 8 September 2020, 6pm.

Daily update

  • There are currently no facilities categorised as high risk. This is a significant milestone in the stabilisation of aged care facilities in Victoria.
    • There were 13 facilities in the Response Centre’s ‘high risk’ category in early August when the Centre first began operating.
  • There continues to be less than 100 facilities with outbreaks.
    • There are 92 facilities with current outbreaks – this has dropped by 5 in the past week.
    • The total number of aged care outbreaks since 1 January 2020 is 168.
  • There are currently 850 active cases in aged care in Victoria.
  • There have been a cumulative total of 4255 cases in aged care in Victoria.
    • 1,874 residents
    • 1,865 staff
    • 516 close contacts which are neither staff nor residents of the facility
  • Total number of deaths associated with aged care outbreaks in Victoria is 534.
    • There were 6 aged care related deaths reported today.
  • Australian Defence Force (ADF) personnel have visited a total of 371 aged care facilities to date.
  • The Aged Care Quality and Safety Commission has conducted a total of 150 ‘spot checks’ on aged care facilities.
  • Western Health have also provided assistance in prevention measures at 37 aged care facilities.
  • 37 personnel from Australian Medical Assistance Teams (AUSMAT) have completed 169 visits to 75 facilities.
  • 8 National Aged Care Emergency Response (NACER) teams, totalling 47 personnel are filling a number of roles across the sector, including nursing, personal care, and cleaning.

Weekly update

  • The Response Centre has supported 8 aged care facilities in direct communications with families and primary contacts of residents. This has included 956 outbound calls, and 740 inbound calls since 23 July 2020.
  • To stabilise and strengthen the Victorian aged care workforce during the pandemic, the Commonwealth have funded a surge workforce to assist aged care facility managers with more than 23,000 shifts being filled.
    • 18,570 shifts filled by Recruitment, Consulting and Staffing Association (RCSA) staff.
    • 2,904 shifts filled by Healthcare Australia staff.
    • 1,307 shifts filled by 95 Mable contractors.
    • 510 roles filled by Aspen Medical staff including Clinical First Responder deployments.
    • 76 shifts filled by 12 HealthX staff.

The Victorian Aged Care Response Centre is a joint arrangement between the federal and state governments, bringing together more than 80 staff from 22 agencies.

Its priorities are focused on:

  • care and safety of residents
  • safety of staff
  • unifying effort across agencies
  • rapid identification and prioritisation of outbreaks
  • rapid response and intervention
  • prevention of outbreaks
  • effective communication and engagement
  • protecting the health care system.


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