Date published: 
6 October 2020
Media event date: 
2 October 2020
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Media release
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Current at 2 October 2020, 5pm

The Victorian Aged Care Response Centre continues to provide the robust response effort required to protect our most vulnerable senior Australians living in aged care from the COVID-19 pandemic.  

  • There have been zero aged care facilities in Category 1 for more than a month. There were 13 facilities in the Response Centre’s ‘high risk’ category in early August when the Centre first began operating.
  • In addition, there were 119 facilities on the Response Centre’s ‘Category 2’ list of facilities at risk, this has reduced to 2.
  • The work of the Response Centre has also seen the number of facilities with outbreaks continue to fall.
    • There were 129 facilities with active outbreaks at the peak of the emergency – that number has now more than halved to 50.
    • The total number of aged care outbreaks since 1 January 2020 is 176.

Daily update

  • There are currently 111 active cases in aged care in Victoria, less than 10% of the peak of 2,075 in August.
  • There have been a cumulative total of 4,621 cases in aged care in Victoria.
    • 1,962 residents
    • 2,029 staff
    • 630 close contacts which are neither staff nor residents of the facility
    • 7-day moving average of new cases is 2.
  • Total number of deaths associated with aged care outbreaks in Victoria is 636.
    • There were 2 aged care related deaths reported.
  • The Response Centre’s robust infection prevention and control efforts continue to be a priority across metropolitan and regional facilities:
    • Australian Defence Force (ADF) personnel have conducted a total number of 652 preventative support visits to date.
    • The Aged Care Quality and Safety Commission has conducted a total of 246 ‘spot checks’ on aged care facilities.
    • Western Health have also provided assistance in prevention measures at 37 aged care facilities.
    • 40 personnel from Australian Medical Assistance Teams (AUSMAT) have completed 174 visits to 80 facilities.
    • 12 National Aged Care Emergency Response (NACER) teams, totalling 70 personnel, and 7 State Government teams with 45 personnel, have filled several roles across the sector, including nursing, personal care, and cleaning.
    • 4 interstate clinical and support personnel in one team are currently deployed from Western Australia.
    • 101 Residential Aged Care Assistants and Safety Observers have been deployed by the Response Centre to 24 facilities.

Weekly update

To stabilise and strengthen the Victorian aged care workforce during the pandemic, the Commonwealth has funded a surge workforce to assist aged care facility managers with more than 31,000 shifts being filled.

  • 22,339 shifts filled by Recruitment, Consulting and Staffing Association (RCSA) staff.
  • 5,768 shifts filled by Healthcare Australia staff.
  • 1,898 shifts filled by 96 Mable contractors.
  • 601 roles filled by Aspen Medical staff including Clinical First Responder deployments.
  • 495 shifts filled by 35 HealthX staff.
  • 426 shifts filled by 59 Torrens staff.

The Victorian Aged Care Response Centre is a joint arrangement between the federal and state governments, bringing together more than 150 staff from 28 agencies.

Its priorities are focused on:

  • care and safety of residents
  • safety of staff
  • unifying effort across agencies
  • rapid identification and prioritisation of outbreaks
  • rapid response and intervention
  • prevention of outbreaks
  • effective communication and engagement
  • preservation of the health care system.


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