Date published: 
13 November 2020
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12 November 2020
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Media release
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The Victorian Aged Care Response Centre continues to provide the robust response effort required to protect our most vulnerable senior Australians living in aged care from the COVID-19 pandemic.  

  • The total number of aged care outbreaks since 1 January 2020 is 177 and there is now 1 active outbreak, which is in the enhanced surveillance phase.
    • Enhanced surveillance is conducted over the 14 days since the last resident or staff member was cleared or at the facility, and negative testing has occurred 11 days after these events. These facilities are on alert to identify any early symptoms.

Daily update

  • There are zero new cases today associated with residential aged care facilities.
  • The seven-day moving average of new cases is 0.00.
  • There have been no new cases in an aged care resident since 26 September 2020.
  • There are currently zero active cases associated with aged care.
    • 0 residents
    • 0 staff
    • 0 others, close contacts which are neither staff nor residents of the facility
  • There has been a cumulative total of 4634 cases in aged care in Victoria.
    • 1962 residents
    • 2037 staff
    • 635 close contacts which are neither staff nor residents of the facility
  • Total number of deaths associated with aged care outbreaks in Victoria is 652.
    • There were zero aged care related deaths reported today.

Asymptomatic testing

The Response Centre is coordinating asymptomatic testing of staff in metropolitan Melbourne and regional Victoria.

  • The cumulative total of asymptomatic testing in aged care facilities is 688, with 16,690 staff being tested.

VACRC is working closely with the Victorian Department of Health and Human Services to align asymptomatic testing requirements. The Australian Government’s asymptomatic testing program has scheduled residential aged care facilities’ workforce to be tested fortnightly in metropolitan Melbourne, and monthly in regional Victoria.

Meeting ongoing needs

The Victorian Aged Care Response Centre (VACRC) is continuing to support and work with the health services hub network, Victorian Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) Public Health Unit, the Aged Care Quality and Safety Commission, the independent Older Persons Advocacy Network and residential aged care facilities to meet the ongoing needs and requirements of residents, staff, families and associated communities.

The Victorian Aged Care Response Centre is a joint arrangement between the federal and state governments, bringing together more than 150 staff from 28 agencies. Its priorities are focused on:

  • Care and safety of residents
  • Safety of staff
  • Unifying effort across agencies
  • Rapid identification and prioritisation of outbreaks
  • Rapid response and intervention
  • Prevention of outbreaks
  • Effective communication and engagement
  • Preserving the health care system


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