Date published: 
20 May 2020
Media event date: 
19 May 2020
Media type: 
General public

The COVIDSafe app has commenced operation and we are confident it is operating as designed. States with cases of COVID-19 are now able to use it to help find close contacts.

Any claims that technical issues are restricting access are not correct.

All States and Territories have signed up for the app as agreed through National Cabinet as part of the tools available to improve contact tracing to stop the spread of the virus.

Each has undertaken training and adopted clear protocols on access of information when a person tests positive.  This will supplement the manual tracing which is currently undertaken by the state public health officials.  This is an improvement to the current system and each state is integrating it into their processes.

As is expected, each state will refine how they operate, noting that currently there are only a small number of cases nationally.  We hope this continues.  The app will be an essential tool for containing any further outbreaks.

The key is to have as many people registered with the app so in the event of an outbreak, public health officials can find cases faster and rapidly contain it. This will be increasingly important as restrictions are eased around the country and people are more mobile.


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