Protecting Older Australians: COVID-19 Newsletter 30 October 2020

What’s new: new Aged Care Provider Portal and a reminder on requesting PPE from the National Medical Stockpile.

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Today’s newsletter contains important information for providers about moving across to the new Aged Care Provider Portal. The timeframe to transition has been extended to 20 November 2020 due to the ongoing impacts of COVID-19.

Providers in metropolitan Melbourne and the Mitchell Shire are reminded they have until tomorrow to submit a request for P2/N95 masks from the National Medical Stockpile.

Again we encourage you to share this newsletter with your colleagues and workforce. Please also encourage them to subscribe for future updates. 

Anyone living in an aged care facility, their family or representative who needs support should contact the Older Person’s Advocacy Network on 1800 700 600.

New Aged Care Provider Portal

Time is running out to move to the new Aged Care Provider Portal. Due to the ongoing impacts of COVID-19, aged care providers have until 20 November 2020 to get access to Services Australia’s new Aged Care Provider Portal.

The new Aged Care Provider Portal (ACPP) has improved features that make it secure and easier to use and is designed to minimise the time it takes for providers to submit their claims online. 

Key features include:

  • Faster processing – The ACPP does not ‘timeout’ like older portals and features an intuitive design that allows for faster event and claim submission. 
  • ‘Save as you go’ ACFIs – ACPP users can save a ‘draft ACFI’ and come back to complete and submit any time within a 7 day period.
  • Provider Self-Service – ACPP users with Organisation Administrator access can easily manage which users can view information and submit claims without having to contact the agency. 
  • Quick & easy navigation between services – Users can easily switch between all the services you have access to across Residential Care, Home Care, Transition Care and Short-Term Restorative Care.   

Users of business-to-government (B2G) software will need to get ACPP access to continue to check the status of submitted events and claims. This is in addition to any third party software you currently use. 

If you need help in supporting your transition, please contact us on 1800 195 206 (Monday to Friday, 8:30 am to 5:00 pm Australian Eastern Standard Time). 

Visit the Services Australia website for more information.

Reminder on requesting PPE from the National Medical Stockpile 

Providers are reminded that additional P2/N95 masks are being made available from the National Medical Stockpile to residential aged care facilities in metropolitan Melbourne and the Mitchell Shire.

All facilities in these areas will be able to request P2/N95 respirator masks using a one-off request form. Requests should be submitted by today 30 October 2020.

If additional PPE is required and it cannot be sourced through your usual means, you can submit a request to the National Medical Stockpile through the usual online PPE form. Applications for additional PPE will be prioritised and distributed to aged care facilities that are most in need.

Providers are also reminded that the Department of Industry, Science, Energy and Resources has developed a guide to assist organisations when purchasing PPE for COVID-19. It is designed to provide information on PPE and factors to be aware of when buying PPE.

The four-page guide covers key information consumers need to know when purchasing PPE, including:

  • Information on how PPE is regulated
  • Information on common types of PPE and how they are used
  • Tips to avoid fraud
  • Information on consumer rights.


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