Date published: 
27 February 2020
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Health sector

$22.3 million to accelerate Australian health and medical research

MTPConnect is calling for expressions of interest for the 4-year, $22.3 million Biomedical Translation Bridge (BTB) funding program under the MRFF’s Medical Research Commercialisation initiative.

Small and medium-sized enterprises and research organisations will be able to access up to $1 million to accelerate development of their biological, pharmaceutical, medical and health technology projects along the translation and commercialisation pathway.

Expressions of interest for round 2 close on 6 March. Visit MTPConnect for more information.

MRFF Grant Assessment Committee expression of interest

Are you interested in participating in the review and assessment processes of 2019–20 MRFF grant opportunities?

We are interested in hearing from people with translation, implementation, and a health and medical consumer background, with experience and/or expertise in:

  • translation of research into clinical practice
  • commercialisation of health research
  • transdisciplinary research, e.g. collaboration and/or engagement between researchers, consumers, patient groups, those involved in health service delivery and industry, and
  • international research projects, including clinical trials.

You do not need to have a research qualification to be a member of a Grant Assessment Committee.

You can find more information on the NHMRC website.

How the MRFF is helping Australians

Hear from Professor Helen Christensen AO, Director and Chief Scientist at the Black Dog Institute, about the MRFF and how it is contributing to Australia’s national response to mental health issues.

You can hear from other prominent members of the research community talking about how the MRFF is helping Australians in our series of videos.

Declaration of Interest Policy Statement and Guidelines

The MRFF Declaration of Interest Policy Statement and Guidelines is now on the Department of Health website.

You can see how the policy helps members of the Australian Medical Research Advisory Board, MRFF advisory panels and committees to identify, disclose and manage relevant interests.

It also defines conflict of interest, sets out the policy and guides advisory panel and committee members on how to manage any potential conflicts.

Grant opportunities closing soon

Applications for 8 MRFF grant opportunities close soon. 

Opportunities closing 3 March

  • Australian Brain Cancer Mission
    • Brain Cancer Survivorship
  • National Critical Research Infrastructure initiative
    • Applied Artificial Intelligence Research in Health
    • Rural, Regional and Remote Clinical Trial Enabling Infrastructure

Opportunities closing 4 March

  • Stem Cell Therapies Mission
    • Stem Cell Therapies
  • Traumatic Brain Injury Mission
    • Traumatic Brain Injury

Opportunities closing 6 March

  • Medical Research Commercialisation initiative
    • Biomedical Translation Bridge

Opportunities closing 11 March

  • Emerging Priorities and Consumer Driven Research initiative
    • Novel Coronavirus Vaccine Development

Opportunities closing 26 March

  • Frontier Health and Medical Research initiative
    • Frontier Health and Medical Research Program Stage One

For more information, visit GrantConnect.

All MRFF grant opportunities are advertised on GrantConnect. Register with GrantConnect to receive notifications when a new opportunity is open.


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