Date published: 
9 March 2022
Intended audience: 
General public
Residential aged care facilities volunteers program

The Australian Government has released a new residential aged care facilities (RACFs) program, to help address the decline in volunteer numbers during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The re-engaging volunteers into residential aged care facilities program allows RACFs to nominate themselves for non-clinical support staff.

The program recognises the importance of emotional support, companionship and tackling social isolation in senior Australians. Volunteers can assist in several ways, including:

  • leisure activities (e.g. reading, music)
  • access to and supervision in outdoor spaces or the community
  • physical activity and exercise
  • companionship, conversation and social engagement
  • mobilising support in aid of above activities
  • culturally specific and individually appropriate support
  • administration support (e.g. answering calls, internal message running, restocking of PPE).

To sign up or learn more information about the program, visit our program page.  

To nominate your RACF for the program, fill out the webform.