Men’s sheds grants opening in October 2020

The Australian Government has committed to ongoing support of men’s sheds as part of the National Men’s Health Strategy 2020–2030. A new grant round to fund tools, events and equipment will open in October 2020.

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Men’s sheds can apply for funding for tools, events and equipment. The next round of funding will open on 19 October 2020, and interested sheds will have until 27 November 2020 to submit applications.

Men’s sheds improve the physical and mental health of men who participate.

We support men’s sheds as an initiative under the National Men’s Health Strategy 2020–2030. We ensure that men’s sheds have access to a wide range of resources and support for their particular shed.

Since 2010, we have funded the Australian Men’s Shed Association to run the National Shed Development Programme. This provides grants of up to $10,000 for new and existing sheds across Australia to:

  • run health improvement activities and events
  • conduct training
  • buy equipment and tools
  • carry out improvements for both new and existing sheds across Australia

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