Influenza and pertussis vaccination for pregnant women

The influenza and pertussis vaccines are available at no cost to pregnant women.

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The Department of Health has launched an online campaign to promote pertussis and influenza vaccination to pregnant women commencing April through to May 2019.

The most important factor associated with increasing uptake of influenza and pertussis vaccination during pregnancy is a healthcare provider recommendation.

Please take all opportunities to speak to your pregnant patients and their partners about the importance of getting vaccinated against influenza and pertussis during pregnancy. Ideally, vaccination should be part of routine antenatal care.

Please note that the evidence around the timing of pertussis vaccination in pregnancy has recently been reviewed. The pertussis-containing vaccine is now recommended as a single dose between 20 and 32 weeks in each pregnancy. This includes pregnancies that are closely spaced to provide maximal protection to each infant. This advice is reflected in the Australian Immunisation Handbook.

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