Date published: 
27 April 2018
Intended audience: 
General public
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The latest Australian Immunisation Register data shows coverage rates amongst Australian children continue to improve. In March 2018:

  • 94.2% of Australian five year olds were fully vaccinated
  • over 96.5% of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander five year olds were fully vaccinated.

Adding vaccines to the National Immunisation Program and increasing the number of vaccines required to be ‘fully immunised’ had resulted in two year old coverage rates decreasing. However, March 2018 data shows this trend has stabilised at 90.5% and continued efforts are required to increase coverage to the 95% aspirational immunisation coverage rate.

The national immunisation coverage rate is the percentage of children in Australia who have received all vaccines recommended for their age and made available at no cost through the National Immunisation Program. Immunisation data collected by the Australian Immunisation Register (AIR) is used to report on immunisation coverage rates.

The Australian Government is making available approximately $460 million in 2017-18 for vaccines and related activities through the National Immunisation Program.

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