Coronavirus (COVID-19) domestic travel restrictions and remote area access

Travel restrictions between states and territories and in some remote areas of Australia are in place to help prevent the spread of COVID-19. Read more about domestic travel restrictions and where to find more information.

Domestic travel in a COVIDSafe Australia

Before you travel

It is important you find out about the restrictions and conditions for the place you are travelling to. You should do this before booking or leaving your home.

The Australian aviation industry has developed Domestic Passenger Journey Protocols. These protocols provide clear and consistent guidance to reduce the risk of COVID-19 in domestic airports and on aircraft.

We have developed a 3-step plan to guide us towards a COVIDSafe Australia.

The states and territories are working through the plan’s steps at their own pace, in line with their public health situation and local conditions.

The third step of the plan will allow unrestricted interstate travel but for now, travel restrictions are still in place.

If you’ve flown recently, check whether someone on board had COVID-19:

The Spirit of Tasmania continues to operate between the Australian mainland and Tasmania so Tasmanians can return to their state.

The operation of domestic cruises will be considered by Australian Health Principal Protection Committee as part of the broader relaxation of Australia’s COVID-19 restrictions.

The Department of Infrastructure has published guidance for the freight industry to help protect workers and to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

International travel restrictions also still apply. Read more about international travel restrictions

State and territory travel restrictions

Mandatory quarantine applies to travellers entering Australia from overseas. Read more about international travel restrictions and quarantine exemptions  for travellers arriving in Australia.

States and territories can apply their own travel restrictions, including:

  • closing state borders and restricting travel into and out of their state
  • restricting travel into and out of areas within their state
  • requiring people who have travelled to and from some areas to quarantine for 14 days

In some states and territories, you may have to pay a contribution to the cost of quarantine.

Read more about state or territory travel restrictions:

State and territory governments may grant exemptions to travel restrictions for travellers in some special cases. This could be for medical, compassionate or other reasons.

Remote area restrictions

From Friday 10 July 2020, all designated areas have been withdrawn from these restrictions, meaning the Determination has been repealed and ceases to exist from this date.

The decision to lift the Determination has been informed by the Remote framework – conditions for easing remote are travel restrictions, which was announced by the Prime Minister on the 15 May 2020.

Some remote communities may still have local restrictions in place for who can enter and leave the community.

Stay informed

Whether you’re travelling in Australia or overseas, make sure you know the facts about COVID-19.

Keep informed through our COVID-19 news and media.

Last updated: 
6 November 2020

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