Date published: 
21 December 2017
Intended audience: 
Health sector
Clinical update: No Jab, No Pay

Date first published on the Immunise Australia website: 1 January 2016

The Australian Government is extending childhood immunisation arrangements for family assistance payments to increase immunisation rates of children residing in Australia. As an immunisation provider you will be key to providing catch-up vaccinations to children up to 19 years of age under the Australian Government’s No Jab, No Pay measure.

The list of current early childhood vaccines required for Family Tax Benefit part A Supplement (FTB Part A supplement), Child Care Rebate (CCR) and Child Care Benefit (CCB) is available from the Department of Social Services website.

Vaccines which are not required to receive family assistance payments are still recommended for some age groups. For example, meningococcal C and varicella are clinically recommended and funded by the Government for young individuals between the ages of 10 to 19 years of age. These vaccines are not linked to family assistance payments.

An overview for health professionals, with initial details is available.

In addition, you may find the following resources helpful for your discussions with parents: