Chief Nursing and Midwifery Officer on Sky News on 24 May 2020

Read the transcript of Chief Nursing and Midwifery Officer Alison McMillan speaking on Sky News on 24 May 2020 about coronavirus (COVID-19).

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I am pleased to be able to say this afternoon that there are only 4 new cases of COVID-19 in the last 24 hours. This is certainly an enormous achievement by all Australians that we have seen the suppression to this extent and is very encouraging of these continued low numbers. We are pleased to announce that more than 6,500 people across Australia have recovered from COVID-19 and again this is extremely encouraging.

Sadly, 102 people have died and for that I express my condolences to all of those who’ve lost loved ones. We have 33 people who remain in hospital and 5 of those in intensive care. And as already reported today, we're pleased to now say more than 6 million Australians have downloaded the app and we are extremely grateful to everyone who has done that and encourage those that still haven't downloaded the app, reminding them how important this is in our fight against COVID and the important role it plays in finding cases quickly and suppressing this disease, so we can sustain and increase the relaxation of the restrictions that we have on our general lifestyle.

I'd like also just to take a moment before I take questions to, as the Chief nurse of the Commonwealth Government, to give a shout out to all palliative care nurses out there today. Today is the start of Palliative Care Week and palliative care nurse and all of the people who work in palliative care, including volunteers, do such an amazing job in looking after people who have life-limiting disease. And as I say, I'd just like to give a shout out to all palliative care nurses for the terrific job they do helping people.

Thank you. I'm happy to take questions.

Thank you. That was easy.


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