Date published: 
4 October 2019
Intended audience: 
Health sector
Image of heath care provider and academy of science logo

The Australian Government has commissioned the Australian Academy of Science to develop educational and promotional materials to raise awareness about measles. The materials focus on those most at risk of the disease, such as travellers or those born during or from 1966.

While Australia is verified as having eliminated endemic transmission of measles, the rise in measles cases internationally has led to an increase in cases in Australia.  An increase in measles is often seen during and following holiday travel to and from counties where measles is endemic.

Immunisation against measles is the most important way to prevent measles and its complications. 

Health professionals play a key role in informing patients and the public about the importance of measles vaccination. To assist in promoting vaccination we encourage you to:

  • view the educational video which has been developed for health professionals to raise awareness of increased notifications and the importance of talking to patients about their vaccination status and the availability of catch up vaccines (where appropriate).
  • offer vaccination particularly to at-risk groups such as travellers or those born during or from 1966.
  • report all measles vaccinations (for both children and adults) to the Australian Immunisation Register.

The Academy has also released a number of resources for consumers:

  • Promotional video for travellers to ensure they are aware of the risks of measles in countries where the disease is endemic or where there are outbreaks.
  • Promotional video for those born during or from 1966 to encourage them to check their vaccination status and talk to their GP if they are not sure.
  • Four articles to support videos.