Webinar: residential aged care provider requirements for 2020-21 Aged Care Financial Report

The webinar provides residential aged care provider information on steps needed to ensure that the aged care financial report can be submitted.

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For the 2020-21 Aged Care Financial Report (ACFR), residential aged care providers will need to report detailed residential segment income and expense statement at the facility level. This will be the first time that providers will be required to report financial data at this level in the ACFR.

The department has engaged StewartBrown to develop a webinar on the changes to the ACFR and the information required to help providers understand the new facility level reporting requirements.

The webinar provides information on steps to be taken to ensure that the ACFR report can be submitted by the legislated due date of 31 October 2021.

Watch the pre-recorded webinar online.

Additional information

In mid-August 2021 and again in mid-September 2021, the department will host a live webinar and answer some of the frequently asked questions about completing the required facility level information in the ACFR. It will also be an opportunity to further ensure providers understand the changes to the ACFR. This webinar will include representatives from the department and StewartBrown.

To stay up to date, providers should visit the ACFR portal homepage. If you have questions email ACFR Facility Reporting.