Warning of potential ransomware attacks on aged care providers

The Australian Cyber Security Centre (ACSC) has produced a new advisory to assist you and your organisations.

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Health sector

A major aged care provider has recently suffered a ransomware attack with a partially successful attempt to encrypt and steal confidential data in order to seek ransom payment.

The provider has proactively responded and secured their data, but its possible some data has been published. 

Today the Australian Cyber Security Centre (ACSC) has produced a new advisory to assist you and your organisations. 

Please read this advisory and note the following key recommendations from the ACSC:

Never pay a ransom demand

We recommend you do not pay the ransom if affected by Maze ransomware. There is no guarantee paying the ransom will fix your devices, and it could make you vulnerable to further attacks. Restore your files from backup and seek technical advice.

Identify and backup critical information and systems

Backing up and restoring your files offers peace of mind and makes it faster and easier to get up and running again following a ransomware attack.

Keep your systems and software up to date through regular patching

All your personal or business devices including your phone, tablet, computer or laptop use software to run, such as operating systems like Microsoft Windows or Apple MacOS; and antivirus, web browsers or word processors at work.  These require regular patching to keep them up to date so that new vulnerabilities are addressed.

Use antivirus software and keep it up to date

Install antivirus software on all devices and set the software to automatically check for updates on a daily basis.

You can access this advice as well as broader advice on how to improve your cyber resilience at cyber.gov.au.