QLD Health update – restrictions for RACFs

An update on restrictions for Queensland residential aged care facilities in Brisbane and Moreton Bay.

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In response to confirmation of positive COVID-19 cases, restrictions on residential aged care facilities (RACFs) will be applied in the Brisbane City and Moreton Bay Region Local Government Areas (LGAs). Further information about restrictions are available in the updated Residential Aged Care Direction (No.8).

RACFs in the Brisbane City and Moreton Bay Region LGAs are subject to visitor and entry restrictions.

The restrictions in the affected LGAs include:

  • Visitors
    • No personal visitors – including care and support visitors – are allowed to enter.
    • Only people providing an essential purpose will be allowed to enter.
    • End of life visits will still be allowed.
    • Anyone entering a facility must wear a single use surgical face mask.
  • Residents
    • May only leave the facility to receive health care, attend a funeral or for an emergency or compassionate reason.

Personal Protective Equipment

PPE use for facilities in Brisbane City and Moreton Bay Region LGAs is at moderate level as defined in the guidelines for PPE in Residential Aged Care and Disability Accommodation (PDF 9 Pages).

Aged care providers can find more information about the updated direction and full advice on current restrictions for aged care on the Queensland Government website.