Protecting Older Australians – Product defect correction – BD Veritor Plus Analyzer

Advice on the BD Veritor Plus Analyzer System for rapid COVID-19 testing.

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Health sector

We understand some facilities have received and are using the BD Veritor Plus Analyzer System for rapid COVID-19 testing.

We wish to draw your attention that a product defect correction has been issued for the BD Veritor Plus Analyzer (ARTG 197625, all serial numbers). The device is still safe for use, however must be utilised with the approved AC power adaptor provided with the product. The device has the potential to overheat and/or cause fire when an unauthorised alternative AC power adapter is used.

The Therapeutic Good Administration (TGA) issued the notice advising that the manufacturer, Becton Dickinson (BD) has written directly to affected customers. If you do have any concerns, please contact the BD customer service centre on 1800 656 100.