Date published: 
22 February 2021
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Health sector

The live webinar and Q&A will cover:

  • what is informed consent and how to give it
  • supported decision making about COVID-19 immunisation
  • residential aged care vaccination preparations
  • the role of medical power of attorney and enduring guardians.

OPAN is bringing together a panel of aged care experts including:

  • Geoff Rowe, CEO Aged and Disability Advocacy Australia
  • Theresa Flavin, OPAN National Older Persons Reference Group member
  • Dr Melanie Wroth, Chief Clinical Advisor, Aged Care Quality and Safety Commission
  • Vanda Iaconese, CEO Doutta Galla Aged Services.

Residential aged care facilities are encouraged to screen the webinar in communal spaces for residents.

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 OPAN webinar - COVID-19 Vaccine Informed Consent

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 Tuesday 23 February

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